Damp Proofing in Harrogate
Damp Proofing in Harrogate
Damp Proofing in Harrogate

Condensation Control in Harrogate & Yorkshire.

Condensation is the commonest cause of dampness in buildings.

A condensation problem will show itself with

. mould                                                                     

. dampness

. musty smells

. streaming windows

resulting in damage to wall coverings, decoration, and poor air quality. The presence of mold spores may also introduce health problems among susceptible occupants.

CONSIDERATE’s expertise with the installation of positive ventilation units can dramatically improve condensation problems, with a solution that is cheap to run, unobtrusive, and require no operational role from the householder.
We cover Harrogate, Ripon, Knaresborough, Wetherby, Leeds, Bradford and beyond.

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We can help you to maintain and restore your building after floods or to prevent damp.