Specialists in Damp, Wet & Dry Rot and Basement Conversions in Yorkshire

CONSIDERATE are specialists when it comes to prolonging your enjoyment of your home. We have a reputation to uphold and will, therefore, do our best to give you the best service and advice.

CONSIDERATE is a family run business, with over 30yrs experience, specialised in the treatment of all forms of damp from rising damp, penetrating damp, damp cellar/ basements, timber decay, woodworm, dry rot, wet rot and etc. We are specialist in renovation works in homes throughout Yorkshire.

CONSIDERATE use first class workmanship and materials to achieve top quality results.

Professional Service

Let’s proceed on the assumption that you’re taking out an individual construction loan. Such loans, which can be tough to get without a previous banking history because of the lack of collateral (a finished home), have special guidelines and include monitoring to ensure timely completion so your repayment can begin promptly.

We offer speedy, suitable solutions for:

• Woodworm and other timber infestations

• Wet or dry rot

• Damp or condensation (rising damp, penetrating damp, etc)

• Basement/cellar conversions

damp proof experts harrogate

damp proof experts harrogate


We only use the leading remedial chemical and equipment suppliers:

• Safeguard Ltd

• Permaguard Chemicals Ltd

• Kingfisher Ltd

• Helifix Ltd

• Wykamol Group

• Killgerm Chemicals Ltd

Our work ethic includes:

• Being reliable and efficient at all times

• Maintaining our reputation for the excellence

• Offering you guaranteed work

• Offering you peace of mind and the health of your home